200+ Fresh Sociology Research Topics Just For You

What are some good sociology research topics? Sociology research topic ideas must reflect what things impact society. Thinking these up by yourself may cause a brain drain but there is no need to worry. You might even enjoy looking into these sociology topics to research. In this article, you will be getting over 200 popular sociology research topics.

Comprehensive Sociology Research Topics List

Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. How COVID-19 Changed Social Interactions Permanently
  2. Culture As A Means Of Shaping A Person’s Identity
  3. The Effects Of Social Media’s Cancel Culture On Society
  4. The Effects Of Family Problems On The Children
  5. The Effects Of Having Sex Early In Teenagers
  6. The Problems Of Patriarchy In Today’s Society
  7. Gender Disparity In The Workplace Today
  8. Gender Inequality In Marriages
  9. The Benefits Of Feminism To Society
  10. The Dangers Of Feminism To Society
  11. The Culture Of Silence In Today’s Society
  12. The Effects Of Political Correctness In Today’s Society
  13. How Nudity And Obscenity Reduce A Society’s Morals
  14. How To Solve Violence Against Women
  15. Preemptive Measures Against Domestic Violence
  16. How To Eradicate Bullying In Workplaces
  17. How Employer And Employee Relationship Can Be Strengthened
  18. Methods Of Conflict Resolution In A Family
  19. How The Media Contributes To The Subjugation Of Women
  20. How The Media Reinforces Patriarchy In The Society

Varied Sociology Topics For Research

  1. The Role Of Religion In Today’s Society
  2. “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child” — Discuss
  3. How Celebrity Living Influence Society’s Values Today
  4. A Recent Injustice In Your Society
  5. The Underlying Factors For Social Anxiety In Young People
  6. Is There A Thing As Social Disorder?
  7. The Impact Of Drugs On A Person’s Social Life
  8. The Impact Of Alcohol On A Person’s Social Life
  9. What Is Social Isolation In Young People?
  10.  How Much Hold The Internet Has Over Young People
  11. The Impact Of The Internet On Mental Health
  12. A Comparative Study Of Societal Norms and Values In Different Societies
  13. How To Resolve Interpersonal Conflicts
  14. The Role Of Books In Shaping A Person’s Perception Of Life
  15. Is It Body Positivity Or Public Indecency?
  16. The Culture Of Medical Negligence
  17. The Culture Of Silence
  18. Social Status: A Case Of The Clashes Of Classes
  19. Sororities and Fraternities In Schools
  20. Social Relationships In High School Students
  21. How A Society Contributes To Shaping A Person’s Identity
  22. Skin Colour And The Racism Of It
  23. What Should Be The Duration Of Courtship?
  24. The Effects Of Single Parenting On The Child?
  25. How Choosing Not To Have Kids Help Depopulate The World
  26. Why Women Are Pressured Into Marriages
  27. The Similarities Between The Millennial And Generation Z?
  28. Lessons Of Communal Harmony As Told By The Elderly
  29. The Different Fashion Styles In Millenials And Generation Z
  30. How Elders Living With Their Family Helps To Solve Loneliness And Other Age-old Diseases

Good Sociology Research Topics

  1. The Benefits Of Interaction Between The Elderly And The Younger Ones
  2. The Neglect Of The Elderly
  3. The Effects Of Musical Lyrics On A Person’s Habits
  4. How Overpopulation In The World Can Be Curtailed
  5. Should There Be Limits On Free Speech?
  6. Is Monogamy Ideal For 21st Century Relationships?
  7. Should Prisoners Get Voting Rights?
  8. The Discrimination Of Women In Politics
  9. How Social Media Discussions Foster Real-Life Relationships
  10. How Bullying Can Be Curbed In Today’s Society
  11. Are School Uniforms Necessary For Students?
  12. Should Traditional Gender Roles Still Exist?
  13. The Impact Of Divorce On The Children
  14. Is Helicopter Parenting Necessary?
  15. Has The Institution Of Marriage Outlived Its Usefulness?
  16. Should The Use of Marijuana Be Legalized?
  17. The Effects Of Video Games On Mental Health
  18. How Therapy Can Be Better Accessed By Mentally Ill Patients
  19. How Society Can Help Mentally Ill Patients
  20. The Impact Of Family Therapy In Resolving Family Conflicts
  21. Why Virtual Learning Should Be The Major Form Of Learning
  22. Why Children Should Not Be Forced To Show Affection To Family Members
  23. What Are The Impacts Of Arranged Marriages?
  24. Discuss A 21st Century Family
  25. Should Children Have Parents Of The Same Sex?

Compelling Research Topics For Sociology

  1. How Peer Pressure Influences A Child’s Lifestyle
  2. How TV Shows Influences Our Decisions
  3. The Evolution Of Mental Health Treatment
  4. The Underlying Factors For Unemployment In Today’s Society
  5. How Family Planning Can Help In Depopulation
  6. Is Magic Real Or A Superstition?
  7. What Superstitious Beliefs Have Their Foundation In Real-life Instances
  8. The Relevance Of Religion In Today’s Society
  9. Should Religious Studies Be Banned From Schools?
  10. Should Children Be Taught How To Pray In Schools?
  11. The Impacts Of Religion In Today’s Society
  12. A Comparative Study of Different Religions
  13. A Comparative Study of Religion In The 20th Century And The 21st Century
  14. What Are Alternative Treatments Of Depression Instead Of Antidepressants?
  15. How Social Media Can Become A Proper Addiction
  16. How Video Game Addiction Can Be Cured
  17. The Alarming Increase Of Obesity Among Young People
  18. Why Sodas Should Be Banned From Schools
  19. How Living In A New Environment Shapes A Person’s Lifestyle
  20. Factors That Contribute To A Person’s Identity
  21. What Cultures Are Misappropriated?
  22. The Role Of Music In A Person’s Culture
  23. The Role Of Food In A Person’s Culture
  24. How The Mass Media Misrepresents The Minority
  25. The Practice Of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) In Some Societies

Sociology Research Ideas To Consider

  1. The Culture Of Child Marriage In Some Parts Of The World
  2. Sexuality In Children’s Movies
  3. The History Of Your Community
  4. The Alarming Rate Of Suicide Among Teens
  5. What Preemptive Measures Can One Take Against Cyber-bullying
  6. Is Reincarnation After Death A Possibility?
  7. How The Government Overlooks The Minority
  8. How Teachers Can Contribute To The Development Of A Student’s Talent
  9. What Are Societal Values and Norms?
  10. The Rise or Decline Of Patriotism In Young People
  11. How To Deal With Depression
  12. The Genres Of Music Young People Prefer And Why
  13. How Advertising Influences Unhealthy Eating Habits
  14. Why Access To Fast Food Should Be Limited
  15. Why Young People Think Deviant Behaviour Is Cool
  16. How The Media Misrepresents Young People
  17. The Influence Of Advertising On Young People’s Lifestyle
  18. The Consequences Of Putting Out Too Much Information On Social Media
  19. When Is Free Speech Too Free?
  20. Should Personal Ownership Of Guns Be Revoked In The United States?
  21. Should Drug Peddlers Be Sentenced To Death?
  22. Should The Legal Age Be Increased?
  23. How Social Media Facilitates Bullying
  24. The High Rate Of Marijuana Abuse Among Young People
  25. Write About The Attitude Of High School Students Towards College

Research Topics In Sociology

  1. How Clean Diet Can Increase A Person’s Lifespan
  2. Why People Should Travel
  3. Impact Of Adoption Of Preteenagers
  4. The Underlying Causes Of Suicide In Young People
  5. The Impacts Of Childhood Friendships In A Person’s Later Life
  6. How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle
  7. The Effects Of Peer Pressure In Shaping A Student’s Habits
  8. How To Eradicate Bullying In Schools
  9. Society As The Mirror Of Sociology
  10. How Parents Can Help Their Children Develop Their Talents
  11. Discuss The Relevance Of Sororities And Fraternities To College Students
  12. The Impact Of Moving Homes On A Person’s Life
  13. The Effects Of Peer Groups In Schools
  14. A Comparative Study Of 21st-century Parenthood And 20th-century Parenthood
  15. How A Young Person Can Overcome Urges For Bad Behaviour
  16. The Effects Of Family Conflicts On A Student’s Studying Habits
  17. How To Resolve Conflicts Between Two Students
  18. The Impact Of A Childhood Incident On A Person’s Life
  19. The Rate Of Laziness Among Young People
  20. Is Privilege A Bad Thing?
  21. How Social Media Helps Solve Injustice
  22. The Benefits Of Communal Work
  23. How To Help Drug Addicts Recover In The Society
  24. The Attitude Of Young People Towards Fashion
  25. What Are The Underlying Causes Of Unemployment In Youth?

Informative Sociology Topics To Research

  1. Societal Perception Of Interracial Marriages
  2. What Societal Values Are Dwindling?
  3. Your First Time In A Different Society
  4. The (Mis)treatment Of Immigrant In America
  5. The Power Of Identity
  6. The Underlying Factors For Unemployment In Youth
  7. Should Teachers Have Other Sources Of Income?
  8. The Role of The State In Raising Responsible Citizens
  9. Why Teens Should Not Use Birth Control
  10. How Early Should Sex Education Be Introduced In Schools?
  11. The Culture Of Silence
  12. The Benefits Of Social Networking
  13. Why Children Should Exercise
  14. Should Parents Take Parenting Classes?
  15. How To Manage Hyperactive Children
  16. Why Religious Organizations Should Pay Taxes
  17. What Is Social Anxiety?
  18. Most Common Addiction In Youth
  19. Why Teenagers Should Attend Counselling Sessions
  20. The Most Impactful Generations Of All Time
  21. How Schools Aid Bullying
  22. Family: The First Agent Of Socialization
  23. How To Care For The Elderly
  24. The Benefits Of Having An Extended Family
  25. How To Help Autistic Children

Research Paper Topics For Sociology

  1. Family: A Multi-Ethnic One
  2. Stigmatization: A Strong Force In Communities
  3. Hair: A Person’s Identity
  4. Top Five Superstitious Beliefs
  5. Folklores: A Bedrock Of Culture
  6. How Labour Skills Contribute To Society
  7. Should Teenagers Be Allowed To Drink?
  8. How Can Misbehaviour Be Punished?
  9. Homeschooling vs Physical Learning
  10. Private Schools vs Public Schools
  11. How The Media Controls The Society
  12. What Is Government’s Control Of Society?
  13. How The Media Misrepresents Women
  14. How The Media Portrays Disabled People
  15. The Effects Of Technology On Food
  16. Why Youth Rebel In Society
  17. Promiscuity In High Schools
  18. Transgendered Women In Women’s Sports
  19. How To Overcome Anorexia
  20. How To Overcome Bulimia
  21. The Benefits Of Religion
  22. Why We Need Animal Rights Movement
  23. The Distinction In Rural and Urban Communities
  24. Why The Elites Discriminate Against The Poor People
  25. Low Funding In Public Schools
  26. Low Funding Of Public Libraries
  27. Five Legends Of All Time


With these sociology research topics, all you need to do is pick your preferred topic and write! Then go ahead and use these sociology topics to research whatever you are most interested in.