Sociology is basically the study of society and such must be reflected in relevant essay topics. While writing sociology research topics for high school students may be a necessary thing to do, creating these topics may drain the brain. In this article, you will be getting 55 sociology research topics for high school students. All you need to do is pick the one(s) you want!

Sociology Research Topics For High School Students

  1. What Are The Social Injustice Present In Your School?
  2. Write About Social Injustice In Your Community
  3. The Reasons For Social Anxiety In Young People
  4. The Reasons For Social Isolation In Teenagers
  5. How Drugs Influence The Social Life Of Young People
  6. Conduct A Study Of Social Relationships On People In Your Class
  7. How Television And The Internet Influences Young People’s Lives
  8. Factors Influencing Mental Health Issues In Young People
  9. How Young People React To Injustice
  10. What Body Positivity And Confidence Means In Society Today
  11. What Societal Values Are Dwindling?
  12. How Immigrants Are (Mis)treated In Today’s Society
  13. The Underlying Factors For Unemployment In Youth
  14. The Benefits Of Communal Work
  15. The Effects Of Political Correctness On Society’s Morals
  16. Write On The History Of Your Community
  17. What Body Positivity Does For A Race
  18. How Parents Can Help Their Children Develop Their Talents
  19. How Teachers Can Contribute To The Development Of A Student’s Talent
  20. How To Resolve Conflicts Between Two Students
  21. How To Eradicate Bullying In Schools
  22. Preemptive Measures Against Cyber-bullying
  23. How To Help Drug Addicts Recover In The Society
  24. How Books Shape A Student’s Perception Of Life
  25. The Effects Of Peer Pressure In Shaping A Student’s Habits
  26. The Underlying Causes Of Suicide In Young People
  27. What To Do To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle
  28. Is There A Possibility Of Reincarnation After Death?
  29. The Genres Of Music Young People Prefer And Why
  30. The Impact Of A Childhood Incident On A Person’s Life
  31. Write About The Effects Of Social Media On A Young Person’s Life
  32. Explore The Impact Of Beautiful Friendships In Childhood On A Person’s Later Life
  33. The Attitude Of Young People Towards Fashion
  34. The Attitude Of Young People Towards Bullying
  35. Write About Your First Time In A Different Society
  36. Write About The Rise or Decline Of Patriotism In Young People
  37. The Impact Of Divorce On Young Children
  38. The Impact Of Moving Homes On A Person’s Life
  39. How To Deal With Interpersonal Conflicts
  40. How To Deal With Depression
  41. How A Young Person Can Overcome Urges For Bad Behaviour
  42. Write About The Effects Of Social Status In The Society
  43. Write About The Effects Of Peer Groups In Schools
  44. Discuss The Relevance Of Sororities And Fraternities To College Students
  45. Write About Society As The Mirror Of Sociology
  46. A Comparative Study Of Modern-Day Parenthood And Parenthood In The ’90s
  47. The Consequences Of Putting Out Too Much Information On Social Media
  48. Write About The Underlying Factors Causing An Increase Of Obesity In Young People Today
  49. Write About Why Young People Think Deviant Behaviour Is Cool
  50. Write About The Attitude Of High School Students Towards College
  51. Write About The Rate Of Laziness Among Young People
  52. Write About The Influence Of Advertising On Young People’s Lifestyle
  53. Write About How The Media Misrepresents Young People
  54. What Are The Underlying Causes Of Unemployment In Youth?
  55. Write About Societal Contributions To A Person’s Lifestyle

How To Write A Sociology Research Topic

Writing a sociology research topic is easy. After you may have picked your preferred topic from this list, the next thing is to have a structure. The structure for this is the basic introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

To write the introduction, give the reader a full idea of what you want to write. In the body paragraphs, make sure you explain your points. Finally, in the conclusion, give a summary of all you have written. That’s all.


Picking the right sociology research topic is the first step towards getting the right grade. All you have to do is pick one from the above list and write.