In some schools, the teachers or lecturers may pick sociology research topics about family for them. In other schools, they allow their students to choose their own topics. While choosing your own topic is a fun thing to do, sometimes, you just may be at a loss in picking the right topic. Most times, this is because every topic you have thought about has been already picked.

If that student is you, you do not have to worry. In this article, you will be getting 90 sociology of the family research topics to choose from. Whether they be sociology research topics on marriage, parenthood, or childhood, there is something here for you.

Sociology Research Topics on Family

  1. Discuss the Structure of a 21st-century Family
  2. Discuss the Challenges of Family Migration
  3. Discuss the Needs of a Modern-Day Family
  4. Discuss the Impacts of Divorce on a Family
  5. Discuss the Role of the Parents in Raising Responsible Children
  6. Discuss How Parents and Teachers Can Work Together to Help Children
  7. Discuss the Challenges of Living on Alimony
  8. Discuss Child Support
  9. Discuss the Effects of Single-Parenting
  10. Discuss Dual Career Family
  11. Should a Couple Split the Bills 50:50?
  12. Discuss the Impact of a Miscarriage on a Family
  13. Discuss the Impact of Infant Mortality on a Family
  14. Discuss the Impact of a Spouse’s Death on a Family
  15. Discuss Ethnic Diversity in a Family
  16. Discuss Religious Diversity in a Family
  17. Discuss Personality Clashes in a Family
  18. Discuss the Rebellion of a Child in a Family
  19. How to Resolve Family Conflict
  20. Discuss the Choice and Effect of Abortion in a Family
  21. Discuss Family Planning
  22. Discuss Domestic Violence in a Family
  23. Discuss Violence on Children in a Family
  24. Discuss Parental Neglect
  25. Discuss Family Therapy
  26. Discuss the Role of the Father in a Family
  27. Discuss the Role of the Mother in a Family
  28. Discuss the Role of the Children in a Family
  29. Discuss Favouritism in a Family
  30. Write About Infidelity in a Marriage
  31. Discuss Homosexual Marriages
  32. Discuss the Effects of Separation in a Family
  33. Discuss the Place of Intimacy in a Family
  34. Discuss the Impact of Having a Large Family
  35. Discuss the Impact of Having a Small Family
  36. Discuss Love and Commitment
  37. Compare Divorce Rates in Past and Recent Times
  38. Discuss Patriarchy in the Family
  39. Discuss Matriarchy in the Family
  40. Discuss How a Family Can be Financially Responsible
  41. Discuss Motherhood
  42. Discuss Fatherhood
  43. Discuss Childhood
  44. Discuss the Effects of Remarriage on the Children
  45. Discuss Step-family
  46. Discuss the Relationship of Siblings in a Family
  47. Discuss Long-distance Marriage
  48. Discuss the Ideal American Family
  49. Discuss Personal Identity in a Family
  50. Discuss the Importance of Helping Out in the Home
  51. Discuss Intermarriage
  52. Discuss Exogamy
  53. Discuss the Role of the Family in Teaching the Children Sex Education
  54. Discuss the Effects of Having a Family Member in Prison
  55. Discuss the Role of Formal Education in a Family
  56. Discuss the Effects of a Family’s Decision to Homeschool Their Kids
  57. Discuss Depression in a Family
  58. When Society Ostracizes a Family
  59. Discuss the Suicide of a Family Member on a Family
  60. Discuss Division of Inheritance in a Family
  61. How Children See Their Parents as Role Models
  62. The Reasons a Family Could Split
  63. How Families Can Help Their Queer Children
  64. How Parents Can Help Their Children Overcome Traumas
  65. The Importance of Family Support
  66. What Roles Parents Play in Their Children’s Misbehaviour

Sociology Research Questions About Family

  1. How Can Parents Help Their Teenagers to Prevent Pregnancy?
  2. How Can Parents Help Their Teenagers to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections?
  3. Should Parents Encourage Their Teenagers to Get an Abortion?
  4.  Is Marriage Necessary in the 21st-century?
  5. How Can Parents Help Their Children Overcome Addiction?
  6. What Can Parents do About Deviant Behaviour in Their Children?
  7. How Can Parents Help Their Children Overcome Abuse?
  8. Why is it Necessary for Children to Take Over Family Businesses?
  9. What are the Effects of Having Two Fathers?
  10. What are the Effects of Having Two Mothers?
  11. What are the Roles of Grandparents in a Family?
  12. Can Equality Exist in a Family?
  13. What is Family Inheritance?
  14. What is Family Law?
  15. Do Vacations Truly Help Couples Bond?
  16. What are the Impacts of House-husband?
  17. What are the Impacts of Being A Housewife?
  18. Should Polygamy be Encouraged in Today’s Society?
  19. What are the Effects of Endogamy?
  20. How Can Parents Prevent Bullying?
  21. When Should a Couple Consider Divorce?
  22. What is Care-work in a Family?
  23. What are the Dangers of Cohabitation?
  24. What Should the Standard Size of A Nuclear Family be?


With these sociology research topics on family, you no longer have to worry about thinking hard to come up with a topic. Simply pick a topic from the list and write.