Getting sociology research topics for college students is quite different from a high school’s. Sometimes you may be given topics and other times you may be given prompts and asked to come up with your topic. If you fall into the latter category, here are some sociology research topics and questions that will help you.

Sociology Research Questions For College Students

  1. The Impacts Of COVID-19 On Social Interactions
  2. Gender Discrimination In The Workplace
  3. The Prevalence Of The Culture Of Silence
  4. How Books Help In Building Self-confidence
  5. The Internet’s Grip Over Our Social Life
  6. The Influence Of Celebrity Living On Society’s Values
  7. How The Media Portrays Women
  8. Social Injustice And The Culture Of Silence
  9. How Feminism Is Changing Societal Norms
  10. How To Solve Loneliness In The Elderly
  11. How To Eradicate Violence Among Women
  12. The Prevalence Of Obscenity In Today’s Society
  13. The Problem Of Bullying In The Workplace
  14. Methods Of Conflict Resolution
  15. How Society Can Help Raise Responsible Children
  16. Why Sororities and Fraternities In Schools Should Be Banned
  17. The Benefits Of Communal Harmony
  18. The Impact Of Divorce On The Children
  19. The Impact Of Separation On A Family
  20. The Effects Of Family Problems On The Children’s Education
  21. Why Political Correctness Should Be Curtailed
  22. How The Media Reinforces Sexism In The Society
  23. The Effects Of Having Teenage Sex
  24. The Impact Of Social Media On Mental Health
  25. The Impact Of Childhood Friendships On An Adult’s Later Life
  26. The Effects Of Watching Pornography
  27. The Effects Of Single Parenting On The Child
  28. The Decision Of Not Having Kids
  29. Social Norms In Different Countries
  30. The Influence Of A Song’s Lyrics On A Person’s Lifestyle
  31. What Are Interpersonal Conflicts?
  32. Why Do Young People Rebel Against Societal Norms?
  33. When Should Sex Education Be Introduced In Schools?
  34. Body Confidence Or Moral Decadence?
  35. Why Are Young People Committing Suicide?
  36. The Effects Of Helicopter Parenting On Children
  37. What Is Social Disorder?
  38. Is Religion Relevant In Today’s Society?
  39. Can Equality Be Achieved?
  40. What Are The Conflicts Of Personal Identity?
  41. What Are The Effects Of Cancel Culture In Today’s Society?
  42. What Can Be Done To Curb Medical Negligence?
  43. What Are The Distinctions And Similarities Between Millenials And Generation Z?
  44.  Is Polygamy Ideal For 21st Century Relationships?
  45. How Does Infidelity In Relationships Affect The Society At Large?
  46.  How Can Depression Be Cured?
  47. What Are The Limits Of Free Speech?
  48. Why Does Society Pressure Women Into Marriages And Not Men?
  49. Should Traditional Gender Roles Still Exist In Today’s Society?
  50. Should Prisoners Get Voting Rights?
  51. Are School Uniforms Necessary For Students?
  52. Do School Uniforms Aid Bullying?
  53. What Are The Different Places Bullying Occurs In Today’s Society?
  54. Should Children Have Parents Of The Same Sex?
  55. Should Children Be Taught How To Pray In Schools?
  56. Should Children Be Allowed To Believe In Magic?
  57. Should Home Schooling Be Banned?
  58. Should Virtual Learning Become The Major Form Of Learning?
  59. Is The Institution Of Marriage Still Relevant In Today’s Society?
  60. What Are The Contributors To A Person’s Identity?

Sociology Research Topics On College Students

  1. Discuss Social Relationships In High School Students
  2. The Impact Of Drugs On A College Student’s Social Life
  3. The Impact Of Alcohol On A College Student’s Social Life
  4. How Does The Media Portray College Students?
  5. How Can A College Student Discover Their Identity?
  6. What Is Social Isolation In A College Student?
  7. How Can A College Student Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle?
  8. What Is Social Anxiety In A College Student?
  9. How Can Violence In Colleges Be Solved?
  10. Why Is There Disparity Among College Students?
  11. What Are The Different Fashion Styles In College?
  12. What Are College Students’ Favourite Songs?
  13. What Are The Most Popular Books In College?
  14. What Are The Most Popular Sororities In College?
  15. What Are The Most Popular Fraternities In College?
  16. What Are The Top Five Hangouts For College Students?
  17. What Problems Can Be Solved In Your College?
  18. Should College Students Be Allowed To Use Marijuana On Campus?
  19. Should Alcohol Be Allowed On Campus?
  20. Is Your College Overpopulated?
  21. What Are The Impacts Of Peer Pressure In Colleges?
  22. What Is The Discrimination Of Female College Students?
  23. What Is The Influence Of Pop Culture In Colleges?
  24. Does Bullying Exist In Colleges?
  25. How Does The Mass Media Represent College Students?
  26. Should College Students Be Punished For Misbehaviour?
  27. What Are The Poor Attitude Of College Students Towards School Work?
  28. Should Religious Organizations Be Allowed In Colleges?
  29. What Are The Challenges Of College Life?
  30. How Can College Students Change Their Immediate Environment?


With these 90 sociology research topics for college students, you do not have to worry about crafting a topic from the scratch. Just pick one and write. And it might have even inspired you to think of your own sociology research questions for college students! This will only lead to a greater and better essay.