Medical sociology research topics are not as popular on the internet as other sociology research topics. This can be a bit discouraging for students who have medical sociology topics research papers to turn in. Coming up with original topics can be difficult on its own. It becomes worse when you do not have inspiration from academic sites on the Internet.

To solve this problem, a list of 91 medical sociology topics has been compiled in this article for you. All you need to do is pick your preferred topic and write!

Medical Sociology Research Topics

  1. Discuss Preferential Treatment Given to Patients of Higher Social Classes
  2. Discuss How to Raise Awareness of Medical Health in Rural Societies
  3. Discuss Sexual Harassment of Doctors on Patients
  4. Discuss the Perception of Women Doctors
  5. Discuss Society’s Attitude to Mental Health
  6. Discuss the Challenges of Healthcare in Rural Societies
  7. Discuss the Challenges of HealthCare in Urban Societies
  8. Discuss Medical Negligence in the United States
  9. Discuss News Ways to Treat Mental Health
  10. Discuss Maternal Mortality Rate in Africa
  11. Discuss Society’s Attitude to Vaccines
  12. Discuss the World’s Attitude to the COVID-19 Vaccines
  13. Discuss the Inequalities in Healthcare
  14. Discuss the Attitude of Young People Towards Mental Health
  15. Discuss Patients’ Distrust of Doctors
  16. Discuss the Role of a Social Health Worker
  17. Discuss New Ways to Curb the Spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections
  18. Discuss Noise Pollution on Mental Health
  19. Discuss Air Pollution on Public Health
  20. Safe Ways to Purify Bad Water
  21. Discuss the Impacts of COVID-19 on Disabled People
  22. Discuss Postpartum Depression
  23. Discuss the Clashes of Interest Between Medicine and Religion
  24. Discuss the Agreement Between Medicine and Religion
  25. Discuss the Benefits of Social Medicine to the Society
  26. Discuss the Social Determinants of Mental Health
  27. Discuss How People Diagnosed with Chronic Diseases Can Manage Them
  28. Discuss Euthanasia and Ethics
  29. Discuss How to Improve Care for the Elderly
  30. Discuss a Healthcare System You Will Use for Your Society
  31. Discuss How to Improve Care for Sick Babies
  32. Discuss Common Human Practices that Contribute to Poor Health
  33. Discuss Ways to Practice Healthy Living
  34. How to Manage Attention Deficit Disorder in Children?
  35. New Ways to Reduce Teenage Pregnancy
  36. Is Abortion the Answer to Curbing the High Rate of Teenage Pregnancy?
  37. New Ways to Cope with Stress
  38. Why We Should All Have Health Insurance
  39. How Exercises Can Aid in Poor Health
  40. The Society’s Perception of Immunization
  41. An Assessment of the Attitude Towards Oral Hygiene in Your Community
  42. What are the Illnesses that Can Arise from a Lack of Physical Exercises?
  43. Soda and Diabetes: A Public Concern
  44. Urbanization and the Emergence of Respiratory Diseases
  45. Alcohol Abuse: A Concern for Public Health
  46. Healthy Diet that Can Help Reduce Diabetes
  47. The Different Types of Cancers
  48. How the Internet Affects Mental Health
  49. How News Contribute to Mental Health
  50. Why Prisoners Should Get Better Healthcare
  51. The Attitude of Asylum Workers Towards Mentally-Ill Patients
  52. How Accessible is National Healthcare?
  53. Discuss the Benefits of Early Detection of Heart Diseases
  54. Discuss Access to Public Healthcare in Rural Communities
  55. Discuss the Causes of Depression in Today’s Society
  56. Do a Comparative Study on Bulimia and Anorexia
  57. Discuss Heart Diseases
  58. Discuss Diseases Associated with Old Age
  59. Discuss the Causes of Rapid Aging
  60. Discuss How to Reduce Air Pollution
  61. Discuss the Psychological Effects of Artificial Insemination
  62. Discuss the Psychological Effects of Surrogacy
  63. Do a Comparative Study on Surrogacy and Artificial Insemination
  64. Discuss New Ways to Reduce Obesity
  65. Discuss the Psychological Effects of Organ Donation
  66. Discuss the Benefits of Early Detection of Cancer
  67. Discuss Unethical Practices in Medical Sociology
  68. Discuss New Ways to Protect Human Subjects
  69. Discuss the Need for the Government’s Financial Support of Medical Sociology Research
  70. Discuss How Environmental Pollution Contributes to Asthma
  71. Discuss Rare Diseases in Humans
  72. Discuss New Ways to Manage Sleep Problems
  73. Discuss the Contribution of Poor Oral. Health to Diabetes
  74. Organic Skincare and Cancer
  75. Makeup Products and Skin Cancer
  76. Cosmetics and Skin Aging
  77. Discuss the Effects of Contraception
  78. How to Move Forward After Your License Has Been Seized
  79. Racism and Ethnic Disparity Among Medical Sociologists
  80. Discuss the Attitude of Rural People to Child Healthcare
  81. Should Medical Research be Conducted on Animals?
  82. New Ways to Manage Eating Disorders
  83. Discuss the Effects of Urbanization on Public Health
  84. How Ethical is Assisted Suicide?
  85. What are the Dangers of a Vegan Diet?
  86. Discuss the Effects of Uncircumcision
  87. Discuss the Effects of Circumcision
  88. Should Marijuana be Legalized?
  89. Discuss Common Illnesses and Diseases in Today’s Society
  90. New Ways to Reduce the Spread of Tuberculosis
  91. Distinguish Between Epidemic and Pandemics


With these topics, medical sociology topics research papers just got started. As stated earlier, just pick one and write!