Despite being in a digital world, environmental sociology research topics are not easily accessible on the Internet. This can be a cause for worry for students looking for these topics and urban sociology research topics. Luckily, you do not have to worry anymore about that. In this article, you will be getting 85 of these research topics.

Environmental Sociology Research Topics

  1. Discuss the Benefits of a Healthy Environment
  2. Discuss the Various Environmental Pollution
  3. How does Population Growth Affect the Environment?
  4. What are the Different Factors Causing Drastic Environmental Changes?
  5. Discuss Climate Change in Today’s World
  6. Can Climate Change be Influenced?
  7. Why do Common People Doubt Climate Change?
  8. How Would You Explain Climate Change to a Five-year Old?
  9. What Environmental Factors Contribute to Climate Change
  10. What to do in Case of a Wildfire
  11. Preemptive Measures to Curb the Spread of Wildfire
  12. How to Foretell Wild Fire
  13. Human Practices That Could Aid Wild Fires
  14.  How Humans Can Manage Wild Fires
  15. Why is Clean Energy Necessary in Today’s Society?
  16. Discuss the Dangers of Renewable Energy to the Environment
  17. How to Identify Potential Threats to the Environment in Renewable Energy
  18. Discuss the History of Renewable Energy in the United States of America
  19. What Organic Technology Can Contribute to Renewable Energy?
  20. Discuss the Challenges of the Urbanization of the 21st-century
  21. Discuss the Environmental Hazards Caused by Industrialization
  22. How Urbanization is Killing Nature
  23. Discuss Water Pollution in Your Society
  24. Preemptive Measures in Managing Floods
  25. Discuss How Noise Pollution is an Environmental Hazard
  26. What is the Relationship Between Noise Pollution and Insomnia?
  27. How to Curb Noise Pollution in Urban Areas
  28. A Comparative Study of Noise Pollution in Rural and Urban Areas
  29. The Relationship Between Noise Pollution and Work Efficiency
  30. Discuss the Different Contributors to Noise Pollution
  31. How does City Noise Affect Nature?
  32. Discuss the Effects of Water Pollution
  33. Discuss Human Practices Contributing to Water Pollution in Your Society
  34. Does Polluted Water Decreases Life Expectancy?
  35. The Difference in Impact of Pollution in Small and Large Waters
  36. How to Reduce Water Pollution in an Environment
  37. How Sea Creatures Benefit From Dirt Thrown in the Water
  38. Discuss Some Endangered Species in Today’s World
  39. How do Humans Contribute to Endangering Species?
  40. What Effective Methods Can be Used in Protecting an Endangered Species?
  41. The Effects of Animals Going Extinct on a Society
  42. How Racial Discrimination Breeds an Unhealthy Environment
  43. The Impact of Bad Water on an Environment
  44. The Impact of Draught on an Environment
  45. What does Mining do For The Environment?
  46. The Effects of Purifying Water with Alum
  47. How to Increase Awareness on Healthy Environment Practices
  48. What are the Implications of Tracking Greening?
  49. The Effects of Overpopulation in an Environment
  50. The Benefits of Rural Living
  51. Discuss City People’s Attitude to Natural Resources
  52. Discuss Environmental Conditioning
  53. Discuss the Importance of Recycling
  54. Mention Major Waste Products that Can be Recycled
  55. What Human Practices Affect Public Health?
  56. Discuss Constitutional Laws That Support a Healthy Environmental
  57. What Laws Should be Passed to Support a Clean Environment?
  58. Discuss the Government’s Attitude to Climate Change
  59. Discuss Global Warming in the 21st-century
  60. What Laws Should be Passed to Reduce Pollution?
  61. What Laws Should be Passed to Manage Industrialization?
  62. Discuss Environmental Conditions That Affect the Economy
  63. What are the Implications of Recycling on Public Health?
  64. Can Gender Inequality Result in Negative Environmental Problems?
  65. How does Racism Affect the Environment?
  66. Discuss the Major and Minor Practices That Have Changed the Environment Drastically
  67. Discuss the Negative Contributions of Animals to the Society
  68. Discuss the Consequences of Wildlife in an Enclosed Space
  69. What is the Relationship Between Human Relationships and the Environment?
  70. Explain Ways to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Your Society
  71. What is the Relationship Between Human Culture and the Environment?
  72. Why Should Students Study Environmental Sociology?
  73. A Study on What Common People Think About Environmental Sociology
  74. Discuss How Economic Growth Affects the Environment
  75. Discuss the Effects of Underpopulation on the Environment
  76. What are the Effects of Climate Change on Social Life?
  77. Discuss the Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Environment
  78. Discuss Why We Should All be Environmental Activists
  79. Discuss the Implications of Energy Use on Public Health
  80. Discuss the Common Environmental Toxins
  81. Compare Environmental Pollution in the 20th and 21st-century
  82. What Can be Done to Reduce Overpopulation of Humans on Earth?
  83. Discuss How Waste Areas Can be Converted to Spaces For Agriculture
  84. Discuss the Evolution of Environmental Pollution
  85. Discuss the Benefits of Ecosystems to the Environment


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