What is a good research question for sociology? Oftentimes, lecturers give their students the freedom to pick their own research questions. While this can be a good thing on its own, at other times, it can drain the brain. Having relevant sociology research question ideas and sociology research questions examples is the right way to start. In this article, you will be receiving 99 sociology research questions examples to help you avoid a brain drain.

Sociology Research Question Topics

  1. What are the Environmental Hazards in Your Society?
  2. What is the Government’s Control of Society?
  3. What are the Impacts of Cancel Culture in Today’s Society?
  4. How Early Should Children be Taught Sex Education?
  5. What Prevention Methods are Effective Against Teenagers Pregnancy?
  6. Should Parents Encourage Their Teenagers to Get an Abortion?
  7. Is Gender Equality Possible?
  8. Why Is Polygamy Ideal For 21st Century Relationships?
  9. What Role Can Parents Play To Help Prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections In Their Teens?
  10. Is Marriage Relevant in the 21st-century?
  11. What Are Transactional Relationships?
  12. What are the Effects of Having Two Mothers?
  13. How Can Schools Help Students Overcome Addiction?
  14. What Can Schools do About Deviant Behaviour in Their Children?
  15. What are the Steps to Overcoming Abuse?
  16. What are the Impacts of Having Two Fathers?
  17. How Does Family Law Help the Family?
  18. Why Should Children Take Over Family Businesses?
  19. Why Should The Use of Marijuana Be Legalized?
  20. What are the Roles of Grandparents in a Family?
  21. What are the Impacts of Endogamy?
  22. What is the Permanent Solution to Bullying?
  23. Body Confidence Or Moral Decadence?
  24. How Can Interpersonal Conflicts be Resolved?
  25. What is Family Inheritance?
  26. Do Vacations Truly Help Couples Bond?
  27. What are the Impacts of House-husband?
  28. What are the Impacts of Being A Housewife?
  29. Should Polygamy be Encouraged in Today’s Society?
  30. What are the Dangers of Helicopter Parenting?
  31. When Should a Couple Consider Divorce?
  32. What are the Underlying Reasons for Suicide in Young People?
  33. What are the Societal Implications of Cohabitation?
  34. What Causes Rebellion in Young People?
  35. What Ways Can Depression be Managed?
  36. Should Free Speech Have Limits?
  37. What is Societal Pressure?
  38. What is the Relevance of Religion in Today’s Society?
  39. Why is Medical Negligence on the Rise?
  40. What is the Relevance of School Uniforms For Students?
  41. What are the Conflicts of Personal Identity?
  42. Should Prisoners be Allowed to Vote?
  43. Do School Uniforms Encourage Bullying?
  44. Should Children Have Parents of the Same-Sex?
  45. What is Social Disorder?
  46. What is Social Anxiety?
  47. What are the Dangers of Home Schooling?
  48. What are the Dangers of Infidelity to the Society at Large?
  49. What are the Dangers of Political Correctness?
  50. Should Traditional Gender Roles Still Exist in Today’s Society?
  51. Do Adults Engage in Bullying More Than Children?
  52. What are the Different Places Bullying Occurs in Today’s Society?
  53. Should Virtual Learning Become the Standard Form of Learning?
  54. Should Religious Activities be Allowed in Schools?
  55. How Can a Family Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle?
  56. How Does the Media Portray Your Society?
  57. Why do Students Dress the Way do?
  58. Whose Responsibility is it to Train the Child: Parents or Society?
  59. Should Children be Allowed to Believe in Magic?
  60. What Causes Social Isolation?
  61. Should Teens Be Allowed to Take Alcohol?
  62. What are the Impacts of Single Parenting?
  63. What is the Attitude Of Students Towards School Work in Your Society?
  64. What Bad Actions Contribute to Pollution in Your Environment?
  65. What Societal Values are Dying?
  66. Should Teachers Have Other Sources Of Income?
  67. What is Care-work in a Family?
  68. Does a Person’s Society Determine How They See Life?
  69. What is the “Standard Family”?
  70. How do Songs Contribute to a Person’s Identity?
  71. What Are The Underlying Causes Of Unemployment in Your Society?
  72. Should Parents Take Parenting Classes?
  73. What Are Societal Values and Norms?
  74. What are the Impacts Of Divorce on the Children?
  75. What are the Impacts of Long-distance Marriage?
  76. Should Personal Ownership of Guns be Revoked in the United States?
  77. What are the Impacts of Moving Places?
  78. What is the Difference Between Equality and Equity?
  79. Is Reincarnation After Death A Possibility?
  80. How Should Errant Behaviour be Punish?
  81. What Are The Distinctions And Similarities Between Millenials And Generation Z?
  82. How Influential is Pop Culture in Colleges?
  83. Why Is There Disparity in Society?
  84. How Should Child Misbehaviour be Punished?
  85. How do TV Shows Influence Our Culture?
  86. What are the Impacts of Having A Multi-Ethnic Family?
  87. What are the Impacts of Diverse Cultures in a Society?
  88. What are Your Society’s Most-Pressing Needs?
  89. What are the Worst Books of all Time in Society?
  90. What is Gender Discrimination in Society?
  91. What is Gender Disparity in the Workplace?
  92. What are the Implications of Peer Pressure?
  93. How Much Influence do Celebrities Have Over a Society?
  94. How does the Media Misrepresent the Youth?
  95. How does the Media Help in Government Propaganda?
  96. How Can Violence in Society be Solved?
  97. What are the Contributors to a Person’s Identity?
  98. Is Monogamy Ideal For 21st Century Relationships?
  99. Is Overpopulation a Bad Thing?


These research questions are more than enough to select from. Simply choose one and write.