approval from your lecturer for you to continue. This is usually the first stage of your research. At this point, students have to think deeply and be creative in crafting their topics hence they may get a rejection. Having your topic after topic being rejected is not encouraging, to say the least. Many students who have received rejections may not be inspired to continue writing.

Another major thing that could get a student’s topic rejected is if their topic has been flagged as unoriginal. This means someone else has researched the topic in the past.

That is why a list of 100 original sociology research proposal topics has been compiled in this article for you. You do not have to stress your brain, thinking about what to write and what not to write. Simply pick from any of these in the list below and let your thoughts flow.

Sociology Research Proposal Topics

  1. Discuss the Peculiarities of an LGBT Family
  2. Difference Between the 20th-century and 21st-century Family
  3. Is Social Media Responsible for the Disharmony in Today’s Society?
  4. Are Online Friendships Real?
  5. Discuss the Relationship Between Social Media and Mental Health
  6. Discuss the LGBT Movement and Religion
  7. Discuss the Effects of Having Nannies to Raise a Child
  8. How Parents Influence Misbehaviour in the Children
  9. Will Sexual Education Encourage Teenage Sex?
  10. What are the Implications of Having Celebrities as Idols?
  11. How do Stereotypes Encourage Racism?
  12. How do Stereotypes Start?
  13. What does it Mean to Catfish a Person?
  14. How Society Can Influence a Person’s Identity
  15. What are the Implications of Virtual Communication?
  16. Discuss How to Overcome Social Media Addiction
  17. Discuss Religion in Asian Countries
  18. What is Social Medicine?
  19. Discuss the Impacts of Social Medicine
  20. Discuss the Dangers of Cancel Culture
  21. Why does it Take a Society to Raise a Child?
  22. Discuss Polytheism
  23. Discuss the Common Types of Pollution in Your Society
  24. Discuss Laws that Should be Passed to Reduce Pollution
  25. Discuss the Effects of Climate Change in Society
  26. Should a Child Have Two Parents of the Same-Sex?
  27. Discuss Gender Discrimination
  28. Discuss Laws That Foster the Subjugation of Women
  29. How are Women Perceived in Religion?
  30. Discuss Gender Disparity in the Workplace
  31. Equality or Equity: Which One is Practical?
  32. Discuss the Shortcomings of Feminism
  33. Discuss Social Healthcare in Your Society
  34. Discuss Social Injustice in Your Society
  35. Discuss the Impacts of Single Parenting on Children
  36. Discuss the Peculiarities of Long-distance Marriage
  37. Discuss the Rate of Infidelity in Today’s Marriages
  38. Has the Institution of Marriage Outlived its Purpose?
  39. Why Families Should be First to Teach Their Children Sex Education
  40. The Role of Society in Helping Mentally-Ill People
  41. Discuss Interpersonal Conflicts
  42. Discuss Personality Clashes
  43. Discuss Social Awkwardness
  44. Discuss Social Anxiety In Young People
  45. Discuss How Owners of Social Media Platforms Can Help to Curb Cyber-Bullying
  46. Discuss the Dangers of Teenagers Using Social Media
  47. Discuss the Impacts of Smartphones on Mental Health
  48. Why Social Media Communications Cannot Substitute for Real-life Meeting
  49. Discuss Why People Create a False Identity on Social Media
  50. Discuss the Benefits of Social Media to Society
  51. Make a Comparative Study on Two Different Social Media Platforms
  52. Discuss Social Classes and Clashes
  53. Discuss the Relevance of Social Medicine in Orthodox Healthcare
  54. Discuss the Impacts of Homeschooling
  55. Should Virtual Learning Become the Standard for Education?
  56. Discuss Social Isolation
  57. Discuss Discrimination Among Children
  58. What is Responsible for Teenage Suicide?
  59. The Increase of Bullying Among Teenagers in the 21st-century
  60. What are Social Norms and Values?
  61. What Taboos Exist in Your Society?
  62. Discuss the Common Types of Deviant Behaviour in Preteenagers
  63. Discuss Herd Mentality
  64. Discuss the Effects of Cliques in Schools
  65. Discuss the Free Love Principle
  66. Discuss Why Activism Against Social Injustice Should be a Constant
  67. What is National Stereotype?
  68. Discuss the Effects of Helicopter Parenting
  69. Why Parents Help Hide Criminal Children
  70. Discuss the Impacts of Parental Neglect
  71. Discuss Global Warming in the Last Five Years
  72. Discuss Social Inequality Among the Rich and the Poor People of Society
  73. Discuss Medical Negligence in the United States of America
  74. Discuss the Relevance of Social Psychology in Health care
  75. Discuss the Main Problems Affecting Good Health Care in Your Society
  76. Discuss the Effects of Miscarriage on a Family
  77. Discuss the Effects of Divorce on a Family
  78. Discuss the Effects of Separation on a Family
  79. Discuss the Effects of the Death of a Child on a Family
  80. Discuss the Effects of the Death of a Spouse on a Family
  81. Discuss Widowhood
  82. Discuss the Place of Family Lawyers in Child Custody and Support
  83. Discuss the Effects of TV on Mental Health
  84. Discuss How the Media Misrepresents Your Society
  85. Discuss the Dangers of Putting Out Private Content on Social Media
  86. Discuss the Effects of Coping with Disability in the Society
  87. Should Teenagers be Allowed to Drink?
  88. Should Prisoners be Allowed to Vote?
  89. Write About Your Political Role Model
  90. Discuss the Impacts of the Civil Rights Movement
  91. Why Monogamy is Not Feasible in the 21st-century
  92. Why We Should All be Environmental Activists
  93. Discuss the Differences in Religions
  94. Discuss the Importance of Recycling
  95. Discuss the Loneliness of the Elderly in Society
  96. Discuss How Parents Can Help Their Children Overcome Drug Addiction
  97. Discuss Human Judgment in a Society
  98. Discuss Why Abortion Should be Delegalized
  99. Discuss How the Society Influences Stereotypes
  100. Discuss Equality of the Sexes


By picking any of these sociology research proposal topics, you should get that desired approval. Simply engage in further research to help you with the work.